Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer is Winding Down

I know most people have already started school, but for us summer is lingering on. I realized this weekend though that we are almost done with this summer and it made me a little sad. Don't get me wrong, I am ready for Mother's Day Out for Ben and Preschool for Addie. They need some time with friends and more structure and I need some one on one time with Garrett. But I realized that next summer our family will have changed so much. What brought this all on was our last trip to the pool of the season. We have had a lot of fun at the pool this summer, all of our kids love the water and we love how close it is. Since it was our last trip I grabbed the camera on the way out the door. I tempted fate by taking the camera into the pool with me, but I had to capture some of these special moments that I know I don't get back.

I love the expression on Ben's face. He is so brave around the water he has to have his floaties on and he LOVES his shooter gun.
I love this picture because Ben is still holding his shooter gun while he is flying through the air, I told you he loves it.

Addie's turn to go up high.
Now it is Daddy's turn to jump in, he is mentally preparing.
I love this crazy man.
So sad, the slide was closed. Ben loves this slide and Addie has gotten a lot more brave this year. People are always amazed to watch my little dare devils go down with no floaties.
Little man chilling in his floatie. He loves just being in the water.
Addie loves this tube that Aunt Shana and Uncle James gave to her at the beach. It has gotten a lot of love this summer.
Addie loves jumping in.

This is not Garrett's most flattering look, but I loved the baby mohawk and you can see his jagged little teeth that have come all the way in on the bottom. Still only those two.
Garrett loves the water, and he is happy in his floaty, but he is happiest when we are holding him and he can splash in the water. Daddy was getting some BIG kisses.
This picture just makes me smile.
Our happy little splasher.
Trying to blow bubbles/drink pool water.
Gare Bear's turn to go up high.
I am such a lucky mommy.
And the evening was ready to come to an end, Ben got stuck trying to get into Addie's tube. Being the awesome Mom that I am, I stopped to take a picture before I rescued him.
Addie telling Garrett a secret.
I realized looking at the kiddos in the wagon that next summer they probably won't all fit in the wagon. At this time next year we will be sending Addie off to her big girl school. I am excited about the experiences that are yet to come with all of our children, but I am enjoying this crazy stage that we are in right now too.

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  1. awesome pics; as usual ;-). Can't help but smile so big at the ones of the kids in the air!