Friday, March 1, 2013

More Family Fun in Paris

My worth fear when traveling with kids, is someone getting sick while we are away from home.  Unfortunately, Addie came into our hotel after our first day and told us that she had just gotten sick.  So my sweet girl and I spent the day at the hotel while Jon took both boys to go to Versailles.  I don't have any pictures from that day.  Jon was able to learn some valuable lessons so when we were able to go back to Versailles the next day, we were able to see as much as possible.  

The garden at Versailles, we got there early so we were able to walk around the gardens with very few other people.  My suggestion would be to buy your tickets on line and get there early so you can be in line when the doors open. 
 Jon outside the gate of the palace.
 I loved this family portrait in the palace.
 Jon and the kids in the hall of mirrors.
 My turn in a picture!
 I love how small Addie looks in front of this fire place.  
 Here is Addie in the Queen's bedroom. You can see the secret door on the left that the Queen used to go to the King's bedroom.  
 Addison really surprised us with how much she loved the history of the palace.  She took an audio guide and I showed her how to enter the numbers for the different rooms.  She loved listening to the stories in each of the different rooms and could tell it back to us.  
 Jon and Ben making there way down the hall way.
 A family picture outside the palace.
 The palace really is beautiful.
 This globe was so neat. 
This train was our ride down through the property.  They did have golf carts that you could rent, but they were only big enough for 4 people and they wouldn't let us use one with our family of 5.  The golf carts are 30 Euros an hour and would be well worth it.

My sweet girl and me.

 Addie started running down this path, she was so sweet and free running.
 And then she fell and was limping around the gardens.  She wanted to make sure I saw the damage.

This is Jon at the Grand Canal and that is the palace in the background.
 I love this man so much.
 The grounds are so beautiful.  

Our next stop was the Grand Trianon.

 And the last stop of the day was the Petite Trianon.  We didn't get a chance to walk the grounds inside here and see Marie Antoinette's village.   
 On the way home Garrett amused himself with his truck.
 The big kids spent more time playing Angry Birds, they are getting pretty good at it.
 The Eiffel Tower at dusk, so beautiful.
 Addie's favorite part of Paris, the merry go round.
 This big man on the motorcycle.
 How fun is this? 
 My babies in front of the Eiffel Tower after their ride on the carousel.
 This is how I spent the carousel ride, sitting on the bench with the Seine just behind me.
 The kids LOVED the Eiffel Tower.
 On our way to dinner we passed by this alley and saw this view.  I love it.  We ended up eating dinner not far from here, at Ribe.  The food was very good and they put up with our kids very graciously.
 One last carousel ride.
 Addie's turn on the motorcycle.
 Garrett loves airplanes right now.
 Here are the guys that were making Jon's favorite treat, crepes.  Jon thoroughly enjoyed the banana chocolate one.
 While we traveled around Paris we used a lot of Metros and Trains.  We had a stroller with us and in order to get through we used the special gates.  This one near the Eiffel Tower stop we used frequently.  There is a button here that you push and tell them you need to get through the gate with a stroller they would open it for you.  
 Addie waiting for us to go through the gate.
 On our last day we said good bye to our shuttle driver.  It was so amusing to listen to Jon talk to him in broken Spanish.  He was from Romania and he was very nice to us.

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  1. Gorgeous pics, as usual Amy!! LOVE your latest family pic!!!! Such amazing family memories you guys are collecting!!!