Friday, March 22, 2013

Play dough with Nannie!

My mom, AKA Nannie, got here last week for a month long visit.  We have all been so excited about her visit.  With winter lingering longer than any of us are used to, we were all very ready for some distraction.  Nannie is so amazing, she has swooped in and caught us up on laundry, made waffles almost every morning, and today she made homemade play dough with Addie.  The boys were so excited to get to play with the play dough when they woke up from their nap.  Bennett LOVES play dough.  I feel bad that I am usually too mean to let them get it out because of the mess.  They were all really good listeners today and they had so much fun.  Thank goodness for grandmothers that can come and help us all have a little more fun.
 Addie was concentrating very hard.
 She was having so much fun creating.
 Garrett really just liked to tear the play dough apart.  He got really upset if you tried to help him use cookie cutters on it.  
 Playing with play dough is hard work.
 Love this little cutie pie.
 Ben was so happy, his favorite cookie cutter today was the pirate ship.
We have more visitors coming this weekend and we are really excited about getting to show off our home for the last 6 months, beautiful and chilly Oslo.

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