Monday, April 1, 2013

Not According to Plan

I had big plans for our second day in Paris.  We were going to head out to Versailles first thing, we had our tickets all purchased, and I had the train schedule worked out to get there.  Instead I woke up to a little girl burning up with a fever. If any one is keeping track Addie is 2 for 2 going to Paris and getting sick.  I went out to the grocery store and got grapes and apple sauce, the only things that Little Miss wanted to eat, and then I sent my Mom and my sister off on a shopping adventure.  

While they were out shopping my pregnant appetite kicked in and I had to order room service.  This chicken club sandwich was amazing, it had egg salad with the chicken and bacon.  Yum.  I ate every bite that was on this tray.

This was the condiment tray that came with it.

And this is the flower they had on the tray, so fancy.

When Nannie and Aunt Laura got back from shopping Nannie took over nursing duties so Laura and I could hit up Versailles.  I thought since it was later in the day, after 3 PM we might get lucky and not have much of a line.  I was wrong.  The line was very, very long.  At the risk of not seeing anything we decided to head to the train and visit the Grand Trianon and the Petite Trianon.  Here is Laura checking out the map while we ride the train.

Laura in front of the Grand Trianon.

I loved this chair in the Grand Trianon, the lower arm was next to the fire place and the higher arm was to help keep the warmth in.  So smart!

I still love the beds, I would love to be able to do Addie's room like this one day, on a smaller scale of course.  

I love this painting of the grounds of Versailles.

I love this floor, so pretty.

This is in the Petite Trianon, Marie Antoinette'w bedroom. 

And we finally made it back out to the main palace, just 15 minutes too late to go inside.  

A shot of me in front of the palace too.  

On our way back to the train station we passed by Louis XIV.  And at the train station we made a rookie mistake.  We got on the first car of the train heading back into Paris.  When we got on it was already standing room only, unfortunately everyone else that came got on our car too so by the time the train left we were pressed next to our fellow travelers.  It was a long trip back.

We were finally able to get off the stifling train and visit, the Eiffel Tower!  

Laura and I grabbed take out on our way back to the room.  It wasn't the day I had planned for us, but we still had fun.  Except for Addie who was still sick and pitiful after a full day with a fever.  At this point we were just praying that she would be feeling better by the time we had to leave for our flight the next day!  Traveling with kids is always an adventure.  

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