Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oslo Pass Day 2!

On Friday we decided to venture out with the whole family.  We had never taken the kids to any of the museums and we thought this would be a great time to show them around Oslo.  We bought a 24 hour Oslo Pass for Jon and Addison, the boys got in for free.  Our first stop was the train station, we headed to downtown Oslo.  We had planned to go to the Akershus Fortress, but we got a late start so we skipped that stop.  We got on the ferry and headed to Bygdøy, a peninsula where a lot of museums are located.
The ferry ride only takes about 15 minutes and it is a nice ride.

We had another beautiful, if chilly, day.  One of my favorite parts of Bygdøy are the houses.  There are so many neat places, it makes the walking a bit more interesting.  This house had quite the staircase headed up to it.

Jon was a trooper pushing the stroller full of kiddos up the hill.

Addie found her ride on the back of the stroller.  I don't know what we are going to do with 4!

"Museum Road"

The Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum is not a very big museum, but it is so striking. 

It is amazing how much they have been able to find out, but there is a lot that they still don't know about the Viking culture.

We got there right when they opened so there were not a lot of people.  The kids had a lot of fun exploring.

And they had a lot of fun being silly.

Our next stop was just a quick walk down the road to the Norwegian Folk Museum.  This is fun outdoor museum with buildings from all over Norway and all different time periods.  They have buildings going back as far as the 1600's.  You can go into a lot of the buildings and some of them are decorated according to their era.  
This map is of Christiana, that is Oslo before it was Oslo.

I loved this bench, my Mom took a picture of the same piece of furniture.

Jon and the kids next to a vintage Esso pump!

This cabin would have been a farmer's home in the 1700's.  It was one big room with a dining room table, shelves for storage, a hidden bed that folded down at night and this bed in the corner.  I loved the baby bed, swinging from the rafters.  Addie thought it was pretty neat too.  

These shelves were in the same house and I thought they were so neat.

Here is a shot of Aunt Laura and Addie in front of a particularly cool house. 

From there we walked back to the dock and took some pictures.  I love getting a group shot.

GeeGee, Laura and Nannie.

Always good to have plenty of signs around.

Headed back to downtown Oslo, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe and it was so good and our waiter was so fun.

We had a fantastic visit with Aunt Laura and GeeGee and we were so sad to see them go home.  Thankfully we still have Nannie for a bit longer and we are enjoying every minute.
It has been so much fun to show off our new home and all of the fun things that we have learned about Oslo. 

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