Sunday, October 13, 2013

Another Chateau, Vaux Le Vicomte

This Saturday, while we are all patiently waiting for Malachi to join us, we decided to visit another chateau.  This time we headed out to Vaux Le Vicomte.  It was about an hour from our house, in the same direction as Fontainbleau, south of Paris. We got there around 11 and decided to dig into our picnic lunch.  We stood by the trunk of our car and ate sandwiches and chips.  The kids always have more fun when they are not hungry.  There were a couple of restaurants and cafes in the chateau, but we have found it is easier (and cheaper) if we bring food with us to these kinds of outings.

The temperature has started to drop here so I picked up gloves for each of the kids, they have been so excited to wear them.  

This chateau is out in the country a little bit and it does not seem to draw the same number of visitors as Versailles or Fontainbleau.  

The home is beautiful and the grounds are amazing.

Getting ready to head inside.  I was moving pretty slow today, but I did my best to keep up.

The gardens were designed by Le Notre, the same 

Our kids love the audio guides.

These two did pretty well walking through the chateau, 

at least we didn't set of any alarms today.

Here is an example from a bathroom at the chateau.  It is one of the first times I have seen what their equipment looked like.

Garrett got a little bored, but he was a  good trooper.  

The gardens were beautiful.

You can thank Nannie for all of the pictures today, I was doing my best to keep up and didn't take any pictures.

A family picture!

Here are the stables, they house a really neat museum of horse carriages.

There were so many different carriages that showed different ways of getting around.

Here is a beautiful shot in the gift shop.  They had a lot of really neat Christmas decorations, a sale table, and different items than you usually find at these gift shops.  

Over all I was extremely impressed with this chateau and what it has to offer.  I am looking forward to going back one day and getting to explore more of the gardens. 

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