Sunday, October 13, 2013

Collecting Treasures

Nannie got here a week ago and has been settling in nicely to our routine.  In the morning she has been walking to the bus stop with Addie, Ben and Jon.  One day last week she came back very excited and told Garrett and I we needed to come outside.  It was big trash day and there were some treasures to be found.  

I had seen this once before right after we moved I noticed a lot of furniture on the side of the road and I also saw the trash truck collecting all of it.  It is a challenging thing to do with a belly and a toddler so I wasn't able to take advantage of any thing last time.  This month was a different story.  

Nannie was great about grabbing anything that I liked.  Here is a beautiful chair, we couldn't find anything wrong with it.  The other chair needed a recovered seat, but it now has a home in Addie's room.  

Here was our little helper, we got him dressed in a hurry to go out and help us so it was dress up clothes and crocs.

This round table was a great find, Nannie rolled it on down the hill and into our yard.

How fun is that?  Our house still needs quite a few pieces of furniture so today's haul was greatly appreciated.

Here is the new craft table.  It was quite heavy, but she got it all the way down the hill.  

There were several other pieces that were tempting, but they were too big for Nannie and I to bring home.  We have put this on the calendar for month though!

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