Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm Officially a Soccer Mom

Addie and Ben's school has a soccer program that they are both able to be a part of.  They get to go on Saturday mornings and play for an hour.  I get to visit with some of the other moms and Jon and Garrett get to have some fun too.

Garrett was running out to get Daddy.

This boy LOVES his Daddy.  I am not playing much soccer right now so Daddy is a lot more fun.

Getting ready to kick the ball.

You can see Ben in the middle of this picture, he is the one in the red and blue walking away from the ball.  This is his first try at competitive sports and we are still working on the killer instinct.

Here is Addie, she is on a different 'team' from Ben.  She spent most of her time teasing a couple of the boys on her team, but she did go after the ball when she got the chance.  

I love watching her run.

You can see the ball at Ben's foot and the coach is even pointing.  These memories are so precious to me.  

Daddy and Garrett cheering Ben on.

Addie was playing goalie and when she saw me taking pictures of her she struck a pose.  The other moms around cracked up, but that is my girl.  

Of course soccer wouldn't be complete without a snack after!

And here is a picture of me, almost 38 weeks with Malachi.  After soccer we went and did some shopping and grabbed some lunch.  It is so amazing to me that we will be meeting our little man soon.

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  1. Oh my! Addie and Ben are just too adorable. I can just imagine how proud you were of your little ones while watching them play soccer. They are too cute for words in their soccer outfit. Are those dry fit? Hahaha! Anyway, thanks for sharing about your fun day, Amy! All the best to the whole family!

    Linnie Dimmitt @ Uniforms Express