Friday, February 7, 2014

Malachi's Fox Filled Nursery

I am so happy to say that Malachi's room is finished!  There is something about decorating a nursery that is so special.  I read the other day that the fox is becoming a popular theme for nurseries.  
Malachi's nursery started with this guy.  I found this fox at a toy store in Baerum's Verk, Norway before I was even pregnant.  I looked at this fox every time I went into the store and I thought he was adorable.  When we found out we were expecting I decided that I was going to splurge and buy this guy.
The rug was an Ikea find that I loved because of the foxy orange and the polka dots.  I purchased the rug in Oslo because I loved it.  The sunshine print in the large frame was on sale in a boutique in Oslo.  The sunshine was a gift from my Aunt Lorie that she found at Ikea.  
That giant hedgehog  is from Sam's.  My Mom, Nannie, has collected hedgehogs since I was a little girl.  We have ended up with a few hedgehogs of our own and I am a fan of the fox and hedgehog partnership.  

The lanterns are another Ikea find, they are hung from a branch from the fig tree in our yard here.    This recliner was a present from my parents when I was pregnant with Addie.  I can't even begin to add up the hours I have spent sitting in this chair feeding and cuddling my babies.  

The curtains came with the house, but my mom added the orange bands to them.  The dresser was a find from my favorite second hand furniture store here in Paris.

He is a close up of a gift that was made by a friend.  I love this reminder and I love my friend that took the time to make it for us!

This little metal shelf was a sale find from another boutique in Oslo.  The fox on the right is from a book store here in Orgeval, France.  The hedgehog is from Zara Home.  I knew I didn't need another stuffed animal, but he was just so cute.  I don't know what it is about being pregnant that makes me obsess over stuffed animals.

More foxes, the ones on the left are from Ikea and the one on the right was from a store in the Sandvika Storesenter in Sandvika, Norway.  The fox and hedgehog print is from Etsy.

Here is the view from Malachi's closet.  The crib is just the basic Ikea crib. Shortly after we moved to France, during the month of August, I wanted to go ahead and buy Malachi's crib.  I went shopping during August to try and get this crib from Ikea.  Unfortunately most of France goes on vacation during August.  That means the stores do not restock their shelves during this time.  I went to the store several times to get this crib and they were out of it every time.  I was starting to panic, I really wanted to have the crib purchased, assembled and ready for a baby.  This was just one of the learning experiences I had in moving to France while very pregnant. 

Shortly after we moved to France we were introduced to the song "What does the fox say".  If you have not heard the beginnings of the song, it was written and performed by two Norwegian brothers.  My kids all love the song and they received matching t-shirts from Nannie.  Unfortunately Malachi has already outgrown his t-shirt.  Isn't it cute?

Here is our sweet boy!  He is spending more time in his room now that he is getting older and he seems to love it as much as I do.  He is currently taking a great nap in his nursery so I must have done something right!

All these pictures took so much time Malachi needed a wardrobe change.  Here is sporting another gift from a friend, his monogrammed shirt.  

I hope you have enjoyed this walk through Malachi's nursery. 

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  1. so cute! I love all the foxy orange (lol) touches and the "hedgehog fox partnership."

  2. Love it; great job Amy!

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