Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Using my Fun Finds

During our time in Norway and now France I have found some really fun things.  I have found several amazing shops lately.  Between my recent purchases and things that I found while in Norway, these are most of my pieces of china.  I had to take it all out of the cabinet to rearrange everything because it will no longer fit.  I realized that I love all of these pieces so much and I was inspired by a friend to start using more of them around the house.

This is our coffee/tea area in our kitchen.  Previously I had a basket in this spot that held all of these items, but it ended up holding a lot of other items that made it less than functional and not pretty at all.  This shelf is a recent find.  Can you believe that someone was throwing this shelf away?  I love the new look and it works so much better for our family.
  This chicken basket is from the Nobel Peace Museum in Oslo.  Until last night he has had a place of honor on the shelf in our living room.  Once I made the beverage area so much prettier I thought I would keep going and try and make our everyday more beautiful.  Here in Europe they do not refrigerate the eggs, this took some getting used to, but now I enjoy being able to keep them out.

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