Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chateau d'Escrimant and the Voie de la Liberte

While my mom was in town, Jon and I took advantage of having a baby sitter and headed out of town for the night.  You can read all about the chateau on my other blog, Brocante Treasures.  Here are a couple photos from our night away.  

Officially this was our celebration for our birthdays.  I didn't get any pictures from Jon's actual birthday, but he did get a yummy dinner and brownies.  

We had a great time together!

On the way to the chateau we found a monument from WWII.  I love the pieces of history that can be found all over France.

The Voie de la Liberte follows the path shown above.  

The plaque says you can find one of these markers every kilometer for over 1,000 kilometers.

It is always nice to see the American flag.   This was a very fitting activity to help celebrate Jon's birthday.

More birthday fun to come!

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  1. Fun and educational, love to hear these interesting facts.