Thursday, December 18, 2014

Party Party Woot Woot! Garrett!

Who was excited about turning four?  Garrett!!!

This was the first year that Garrett got to have a real birthday party.  

One of his friends has a birthday very close to his so we were able to have a party for the two of them.

The kids all had so much fun, and it was so fun to be able to celebrate our sweet Gare Bear.

Addie and Anna, the big sisters, had a good time together.

Then on Garrett's actual birthday we celebrated Garrett again.  He didn't completely understand the 2 days of celebrations, but he was okay with it.

Sweet Addie

Ben  getting ready to dig into the strawberry cake.

Garrett's favorite place to sit is on his dad's lap.

The strawberry cake was a big hit with everyone.

Garrett is such a funny man, I love that he is a part of our family.  

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  1. Great post - and good job staying caught up! So happy to be able to share this with you guys