Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas and Joyeux Noel 2014

This year we did not travel or have any guests for Christmas.  We did host an open house for our church on Christmas Eve, but other than that we enjoyed a quiet celebration as a family.  
Christmas Eve started out as a beautiful day.  The kids enjoyed getting to jump on the trampoline in the sunshine.

While the sun was shining and the kids were playing I walked into the market in our city.  It is about a 15 minute walk by myself.  The market is held on Wednesday and Saturday, Christmas Eve included.  While at the market I ran into my favorite bakery.  Here is their display of Christmas cakes, YUM!  I picked out one with hazelnuts and praline.  It was delicious!

I picked up some oysters for Jon at the market.  Oysters are a tradition French Christmas food and they always have a bunch of different sizes for sale in the markets and even on the side of the road.

I bought them, but it was Jon's job to clean them.

We had so much fun at our open house that I forgot to take any pictures!  We enjoyed spending the evening with our church family and then it was time to send the kids off to bed.

This collection of candles in the fireplace make me so happy.  It is such a peaceful space to enjoy.

When you have 4 kids even 1 present for each can seem like a lot of presents.  

One of my favorite set ups for this nativity.  I love this beautiful reminder of the season.

And just like that it was Christmas morning!  I was woken up by the whole crew around 6:30 and we wasted no time getting downstairs. 

This poor little guy has been battling a fever and runny nose, but he is still adorable.

Addison is growing up so fast and has asked a lot of questions about Santa and logistics this year.  

Malachi trying out the phone on his new tricycle.

Legos from Grandma and Poppa!

Malachi got lots of 'help' opening his presents.

Safety first!

A Furby, I am so glad she likes this, but I am ready to throw it out the window.

The boys got matching Bumble bee transformers and they were so excited, Thanks Nannie and GeeGee.

Malachi was pretty excited about a new sippy cup.

I got some pretty awesome presents, but being able to watch all of my kids open their presents and enjoy their smiles was the best thing.

Time for breakfast, in France that means a chocolate dipped cream puff.  They were amazing, thanks to our friend Judy for sharing those.

All of this was accomplished by the time the sun was coming up.  It was a beautiful sunrise in Paris.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend another Christmas here.  I hope you all had a special Christmas and enjoyed celebrating the birth of our Saviour.  

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