Saturday, January 10, 2015

10 on 10 January 2015

I can't believe I have missed the last several 10 on 10 opportunities.  I always start with the best of intentions and then the day gets away from me.  I did not get consecutive hour pictures today, but I got 10 pictures that represent our day pretty well. 

Breakfast time!  We are all up and eating cereal or oatmeal for breakfast.  This was all happening right around 7:30.

We were almost ready to head out to the market, Malachi was ready to go.  My trusty Rolser, rolling market bag is ready to go too.

Jackets on, swords at the ready, it is time to head into the city.

I have found that if I have my camera with me at the market #1 It is heavy to carry around with the rest of my treasures, #2 The prices are higher the more I look like a tourist.  Here are all of my treasures once I got them home and clean.  I am really happy with today's haul.  Jon took the kids to a near by playground while I walked around the Porte de Vanves in Paris.

We did not have very good listeners when it was time to leave the play ground.  Here is Jon's accounting of all of the positive things that were lost by losing control at the park.  

After a good nap everyone was in a better mood.  Taking a little time to watch a movie.

While I had my camera out I took a few pictures of this quilt I found last week.  You can see all of the hand done stitches on the back.  I am in love with this quilt.

For dinner we went to the Buffalo Grill in Versailles, it was quite the contrast, Buffalo Grill is an American style steak house and Versailles is Versailles.  This photo is looking from the palace, past the statue of Louis and down the street.  

From the base of the statue looking up.

After a walk in the fresh air and then a quiet ride home Malachi was OUT.  Jon took him upstairs, changed him, and he was still out when I took him.  

Parts of today were challenging, but so many parts of today were wonderful.  I am so thankful for another beautiful, yet still somber, day in Paris.  


  1. I'm so sorry for the recent horror.

    1. Thank you, it was a tense week, but the spirit of Paris is very resilient.

  2. Really it has been a very tense week, but the people and there spirit won't get down by such heinous acts.

  3. Love the quilt pic! thanks ;-) So fun seeing your days and adventures, as always!