Sunday, January 25, 2015


For 2015 I really wanted to pick a word for the year.  I have been thinking about what our word should be since the beginning of January. I have thought about what I expect this next year might look like for our family and what I hope to accomplish.  What I realized is that I don't really know what this year is going to look like, except that there will be changes coming.  
I do know that we might be moving, and we probably know where, but nothing is certain and it won't be for a while.  
I do not that I have found a passion for collecting French vintage items.
I do know that I have a husband that works so hard for us.
I do know that I have 4 amazing children that are going to need me to be there for them no matter what life brings.

The word I chose is EMBRACE.

I want to EMBRACE any move that we are able to do.
Where ever we are meant to be when ever we are meant to be there.

This year I am going to EMBRACE whatever opportunities come my way to work outside the home.
I love sharing my adventures visiting markets and the treasures I find with others.  

I want to EMBRACE my role as wife to an amazing husband.
Jon works so hard for us, I want to make sure that I am the best wife to him that I can be.

I want to EMBRACE physically and emotionally my sweet children.
I want to remember that they are little and take the time to love on each of them.  
I want to enjoy getting to know each of their distinct personalities.  

Every time I start to get anxious I remember that God has a plan for us and I can trust Him with the details. 

Do you have a word for the year?  

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  1. Very nice Sweetheart, God is so good to us all - it is an answer to my life's prayers to read this.