Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Malachi is growing up so fast, as younger brothers seem to do.

He is 15 months old now and he is a lot of fun.

He is also a lot of work.  Keeping up with him for a day can wear anyone out.

But that grin, it is just too much.  He is the sweetest little boy.  He has finally started talking more.  In the last day he has started walking up to me, hugging my legs and saying "Love you Ma."  Jon doesn't believe me, but I just love it.

This is the face of a little boy who just spotted his Dad, home for lunch.  Notice his tongue sticking out?

And then he ran to his Da.  We are so lucky to live so near to Jon's office that he can walk home for lunch.  When I tell other people in Paris about this they are just amazed.  God has been so good to us for our time here to give us these extra moments with Jon.  

I hope your Wednesday is as good as ours.