Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pont du Gard

When we planned our trip to the south of France one of the top things on our list was the Pont du Gard. Jon loves Roman history and aqueducts are always such an impressive sight.  We stayed in a small town about an hour from the site.  We had a lovely drive through Avignon and we made it to the aquaduct about mid morning.  Everyone was rested and well fed and ready for an adventure.

I have to say we thought Pont du Gard was amazing.  The site is very well maintained, but still just stunning.  

As you walk across the bridge you can see graffiti from 1818!

There were not that many people there so the kids were able to run free.

Our kids love to be able to explore on their own.

Even Malachi had fun climbing over the rocks.

This is how Garrett posed himself when I pointed the camera at him, our little explorer.

I love this smile on Malachi.  

These boys are too funny.  They posed themselves like this too.

Jon started skipping rocks for the kids, and then other people started to try skipping rocks too.

Later, a lot of people started trying to skip rocks.  It was fun to watch.

Notice all of the coats are gone!  It was so nice to enjoy the sun and run around without all of our layers on.

After the kids came back for our family photo they were off again.

Jon had fun throwing rocks in the water with the kids.

Malachi thought it was pretty funny.

This was about the best stop we had during the whole trip.  I love starting vacation off on a high note.  We had to delay the start of our whole trip by a day because of yet another tummy bug.  Thankfully Addie was feeling much better and we did not take any of the germs with us and we had a great visit.

Here are some more pictures from our day.  We stopped at McDonald's for lunch and then we walked through Avignon.  I would HIGLY recommend Avignon.  Even though I didn't get many pictures from our afternoon there it was a really neat city.

This girl, she is growing up so fast.

Garett always has a question for us.

These two, they are so much alike.  I love their talks.

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