Saturday, February 7, 2015

Disney Land Paris In February pt 1

Last week we took the kids out of school early and drove across town to Disney Land Paris for a surprise trip.  We live on the west side of Paris and Disney is on the east side of Paris.  Depending on traffic (and let's be honest there is ALWAYS traffic) we are 1-2 hours from the park.  Having been to Disney World in Orlando many times we knew we did not want to wait in line if we didn't have to.  By choosing a Wednesday and Thursday in February we hoped that the park wouldn't be very busy.  
Here is the front entrance when we pulled up Wednesday afternoon.

The kids were so excited!

I was pretty excited myself.

Everyone got a map when we walked through the gates.

My sweet girl in front of the castle.  Don't let the bright sun fool you, it was COLD.

Jon asked who wanted to go on the Indiana Jones roller coaster with him.  This boy was so excited to go, but he wasn't quite tall enough.  I was so impressed that he wanted to go.  

While Jon went on the roller coaster the kids and I got a snack.

Nutella sticks for everyone.

A little pick me up was good for everyone.

We even heard Jon yelling on the roller coaster while we waited.

This guy was just chilling.

Next it was on to Dumbo.

Wall E and Eva
Sweet brothers

Bennett has become pretty obsessed with Star Wars lately.  He hasn't seen the actual movies yet, but he has played video games and watched cartoons.  I love this picture of him so much.

This is how we were rolling by the afternoon.  This double stroller is the one we bought when Ben was just a baby.  This stroller has been amazing for us.

We had a hard time finding a restaurant that was open for dinner and we almost left in frustration, but I am so glad we were able to see the closing show, Disney Dreams.  The show was great, even though we were all freezing we were so engrossed in the show we didn't even think about leaving.  The show was in a mix of English and French with lots of music, projected images on the castle and fireworks.

At one point Garrett was throwing his arms wide like Quasi modo in time with the fireworks. 

This picture shows the flame throwers that were used during the show.  Even from this distance we could feel the heat the fire put off when the flames went up. 

A picture from the finale.  After the show was over we made a dash to the car.  We stayed at the Davy Crockett Resort about 15 minutes from the park.  The single wide trailer had 2 bedrooms and a kitchen.  It was perfect for all of us to get some rest for another day of fun.

Day 2 still to come.

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