Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekend in Waterloo

This weekend our family went on a quick trip to Waterloo, Belgium.  We had been here once before, but we knew we wanted to go back.  We planned a night in a hotel that had an indoor pool.  There were a few other families that thought this sounded like fun so we ended up with a group of 20 people (including all of the kids).  Malachi had fun wandering around the hotel.  Thankfully we didn't lose him, but he sure tried to get away.  


My main goal in this trip was to go back to the brocante in Waterloo.  Every Sunday the Carrefour grocery store parking lot is taken over by vans and trailers full of treasures.  I spent some time there with friends gathering all kinds of pretty old things. 

We were supposed to make another trip to the battlefield here as well, but a lingering tummy bug made us decide that heading home was the wisest choice.  We timed our trip home perfectly.  We grabbed sandwiches in the car and then everyone fell sound asleep.  Ben woke up when we were on the outskirts of Paris and he was so happy.  He knew that because we were in the city we were almost home.  It is a little surreal still that this is our life.  

Here are all the fun things that I bought.  I know not everyone appreciates this style, but I am so pleased with everything I found.  There are more pictures of the market and my treasures on www.brocantetreasures.com.

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