Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Addie had her second week of gymnastics tonight. She took a Mommy and Me gymanstics class when we lived in Colorado and she always liked it. She would hang from the bar in her closet and do somersaults in the living room, so last week we tried out a local gymanstics class. She loved it. So this week we found a leotard and she went back for round 2. She struggled a little more today, only because they worked on the balance beam and she did not enjoy that. Her teacher told me she was very nervous at first, but after she figured it out she was so proud of herself, a good life lesson to learn.
Here are some pictures from before the class.

The most challenging part for me is trying to keep this busy little man entertained. Bringing snacks seems to help and there are a couple of other little brothers and sisters that have to watch that Ben has made friends with.

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