Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Week in Review

Last weekend Jon and I were lucky enought to attend the Love and Respect conference with Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs.

Jon's mom was gracious enough to fly out and stay with the kiddos for the evening so Jon and I could stay downtown overnight between the sessions.

The kids had a lot of fun with their Grandma.

At gymnastics this week they did a Football theme so they asked all the kids to wear their football/cheerleading gear. I thought it would be cute to dress Addie and Ben up in their Miami Dolphins gear. Addie had so much fun at her gymnastics class again this week.

After gymnastics we went to Walmart to print out some pictures. The only way I could keep the kids happy while we waited was to take their pictures and look at them.

On Friday I took both kids to the doctor for runny noses. The doctor said they aren't really sick, but to bring them back if they get worse. On the way home I gave the kids some fruit. They both love fruit and proceded to fit as much as they could in their mouths. Addie was digging her peaches.

Ben was lovin' his oranges.

On Saturday we went to our dear friends birthday party, little Adalee turned 1. It is hard to believe how fast these babies are growing up. Her mom did an adorable and delicious milk and cookies theme party.

All of the liitle kids in their booster seats.

The birthday girl posing for a picture.

The happy family.

All of the older kids crowded in to 'help' Adalee with her candles.

Grace and Addie eating a piece of the yummy cake.

Adalee digging into her birthday cake.

Ben thoroughly enjoyed his piece.

These picture were taken this morning after church.

Ben was singing his favorite song, the Itsy Bitsy Spider, he was trying to do the motions too.

Addie has the prettiest little smile, but it is hard to get on film. This was her attempt this morning. I was just glad it wasn't one of her famous frowns.

Here are Ben and I having a fun moment. I won't be able to do this for too much longer. I am 28 weeks today, we have entered the 3rd trimester. I go to the doctor on Tuesday for my next appointment and then it is every two weeks for appointments. This baby is going to be here before we know it.

Our little man is so sweet. He gives the best sloppy kisses and he grunts a little when he squeezes you for a hug. He had a rough time at lunch, he has been working on his molars for over a month. I am hoping we are almost done with teething for a while becasue our little man has had a rough time. Sweet moments like this make them easier to handle though.

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  1. Looks like such a fun week Amy! What sweet baby boy kisses from your little man! I love that he can do the Itsy Bitsy spider moves--how cool is that??!! I can't believe how beautiful that 1st b-day party was-over the top! I've still got you pegged for having another boy :) Glad all is well with your pregnancy!!!!!