Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Labor Day

For Labor Day we headed up to Dallas so that Jon could go see the Miami Dolphins play the Dallas Cowboys in the final preseason game. My Dad was able to fly out and we stayed with my brother, Chris, and his wife, Rene. It was a last minute trip, but we had so much fun.
Jon loves going to Chris and Rene's house because they have fun video games. I think the one he was playing here is called Assaisins, wonderful for our children to watch him play. It's a good thing they don't sit still for too long.

This is Addie and "Derrick". She met him as soon as we walked through the door and they spent quite a bit of time playing. It was so cute to listen to her talk to him.

She was sad to say good bye.

Our last morning there we went out to IHOP for pancakes. The Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity is one of my all time favorite meals and Ben seemed to enjoy the blueberry pancakes as much as I do.

Saying good bye to GeeGee.

Trying to get a picture of both kids is so hard.

Here is Chris showing off his belly, he was very proud that his belly is as big as mine. I am 25 weeks in this picture.

On our way out of town we were able to stop by and visit with my Aunt Wendy, Unlce Joe and cousin Mikey. Addie adores her cousin Mikey and we all always have a good time visiting their house. Jon, Ben, and Uncle Joe going to check out their new RV.

Mikey and the kids playing in the golf cart.

Jon and Ben going for a ride on the four wheeler. Ben had so much fun he was overwhelmed. He was smiling or anything, but he was watching everything Jon did, it was precious.

Addie went for a ride too.

Ben 'driving' Wendy and Joe's new RV. It is such a cool RV with lots of things to explore, but all Ben saw was a steering wheel.

Ben and Aunt Wendy. Ben looks a lot like Mikey did when he was a baby, it is always fun to compare Mikey's baby pictures with Ben. Sometimes it is hard to tell them apart. We had a yummy lunch and then we got back on the road to come home. It was a quick trip, but we had so much fun. Thanks to everyone for their hospitality.

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