Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Week

This week at Addie's gymnastics class they let the kids wear their costumes. The great thing about having a little girl is the box of dress up/costumes that we have out all the time. The tinkerbell costume was great for gymnastics.

The teachers had the kids do a little parade and they stopped for a photo op. The moms were hilarious snapping pictures.

Ben was upset that he couldn't be in the pictures.

On Friday we went to our Halloween playgroup. It is always fun to see how many of the kids we can actually get in the picture, smiles are not mandatory.

Ben dressed up as Darth Vader, he wasn't really pleased with the helmet or the cape.

Our little Cinderella, she has more accessories for Sunday, but this was a good trial run in the dress.

The kids had a chocolately snack on the way home.

They both really love chocolate.

Ben played hard and they both took a great nap that afternoon.

This morning we got everyone up and out the door for our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.

The kids had so much fun climbing on the pumpkins. They were also really good at stopping to pose for pictures.

We were able to have someone take a family picture for us.

I love Addie's smile in this picture.

Addie remembered the bouncy house from last year so that was our next stop.

Unfortunately Ben is not old enough to go through the obstacle course and come down the slide.

He was proud of himself when he climbed up on the edge, it wasn't that busy so he was able to bounce a little bit while Addie made her way through a couple of times.

Addie had so much fun on the bouncy house.

Then Ben saw a kitty and he was off. He loves cats and he meowed at this one as he chased it.

The next stop was the train. Jon took both of the kids for a train ride while I sat this one out.

Ben found another pile of pumpkins to climb. He lost both shoes in this stack of pumpkins and he did not want to get down.

When he did get to the bottom he thought that pumpkin looked like a keeper.

Ben playing a duck race with Daddy.

Going to make our final selections on a pumpkin.

Addie heading to the exit with our pumpkin. The handle was too short for me to drag the wagon so she had to get it all the way to the van. She started telling me that her arm was tired, and that she was sweaty, and that she couldn't do it. She hung in there and made it all the way to the van, I was so proud.

And just for fun, this is our picture from last year. I can't believe how bald Bennett was! It is amazing how much these kids change in a year.

We are looking forward to Trunk or Treating at our church tomorrow afternoon, I will definitely have more pictures. Happy Halloween!


  1. Where is this pumpkin patch? It looks amazing!! Great pictures, and a beautiful family!

  2. What a cool pumpkin patch!!!!! Such great pictures! Did you get your haircut? Super cute! Where's the belly pic of your newest pumpkin?!!!! :) Happy halloween!!!