Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Life Lately

A couple of weeks ago our church showed a movie on a giant screen outside. It was so much fun to watch one of our favorite movies, Monsters Inc. on a huge screen with all of our friends. Here are the kids very interested in what they were seeing.

Ben was getting very sleepy, we actually had to leave shortly after this because Little Man was done.

Our local Chick Fil A does special events and this past week they had Ariel come for a visit. We went for milkshakes and an autograph. Addie thought it was very neat, but she got very shy when we got there.

Ben loves chocolate milkshakes from Chick Fil A, but really, who doesn't?

Radio Shack had a coupon for a free flashlight in last weeks ad. I went in to get a flashlight for the kids because they love them. I was lucky enough to get 2 flashlights so that there would be a little less fighting in our house. It is amazing how much joy two free flashlights brought to these guys.

This is my new favorite picture of Addie, what a beautiful smile.

Not to forget about our other kiddo, here is Scout at 32 weeks. I am starting to slow down a little bit as Scout continues to grow. Scout is the most active of any of the babies and I am trying to enjoy every moment of carrying this little one.

Addie wanted to be in the picture with us.

Today we started to break out the Halloween gear. Addie got a lot of compliments on her festive outfit today at the church nursery.

I tried to get a picutre of both kids, but Ben is having a rough day and didn't want to cooperate.

I will be so happy when his teeth are all in and we get our happy little boy back.

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  1. Fun pics & stories!! I hear you on the teething--I'm not enjoying the molars coming in! Ugh! Your bump looks great Amy! I can't imagine being 32 weeks pregnant with 2 kids--keep up the good work!