Friday, October 15, 2010

The Rest of our Florida Trip

While we were in Orlando we were able to go to Jon's 10 year high school reunion. We went to a football game, here is Jon with the mascot the Grenadier. It was neat to meet some of Jon's friends from high school.

We woke up Saturday morning and got everyone out the door in time for an IHOP breakfast. Ben wanted to go back to the pool.

At breakfast we had a balloon artist come to the table and make a hat for Addie
and a sword for Ben.

Aunt Laura wanted a turn with Addie's hat.

Then Daddy gave it a try,

Finally Nannie tried it out. It popped on the way to the car, so sad.

Addie looked like such a little teenager while she was playing with Laura's phone. We asked her what she was doing and she said she was "Texting". I asked her who she was texting "Sarabeth". Sarabeth is one of her best friends here in Texas, it was cute now, but I know very soon this scene will be our reality.

After we said good bye to my family we headed to a picnic for his reunion. Addie and Ben had a lot of fun playing with all of the other kids. Ben saw the football and ran right into the action, Jon was so proud.

Ben thinks he is as big as Addie most of the time, we had to watch him because he was climbing so much.

From the park we headed out to James and Shana's house. Here are all the girls. This was our first time to meet Ansley.

Grandma Annell with her newest great-grand daughter.

The kiddos eating dinner.

Poppa playing blocks with the littlest ones.

Uncle Joe played his guitar for the kids, they loved to hear him sing songs and play.

Grandma, Poppa and all of their grandchildren.

Grandma, Grandma Annell and the kids.

Poppa reading a princess book to all of his princesses.

Ben and Ansley, she was interested in his blanket, but he did not want to share.

All of the cousins.

Ben and I on the flight home. He did much better on the way home than he did on the way there, the lollipop did help.

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  1. these photos are so cute! we don't do texting here, but lucas walks around with his "computer" and "emails" people.