Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Latest Florida Trip

Our latest trip to Florida was a lot of fun, it started out with a ride on the moving sidewalk. The kids love the moving sidewalks with Jon. Addie is getting pretty good at getting on and off by herself.

Ben hamming it up for a picture before we got on the plane.

Ben loves looking out the window before we take off, Addie does not love sharing her seat wtih her little brother. It was a rough flight, Ben let everyone know that he was not happy about being on the plane.

The next day we were up early and on our way to Disney.
We were only in the parking lot, but Addie was already so excited to be there.
Nannie and Ben getting ready to head to the ferry.

Aunt Glenda and Ben riding on the ferry. Aunt Glenda is Jon's aunt and is married to Uncle Steve, the man that makes it possible for us to go to Disney.
Uncle Steve was driving the ferry that day so we got a special treat of riding in the cabin with him.
GeeGee and Addie having fun.
Addie and the castle, the more excited Addie the gets, the more serious she seems to look.
Heading down Main Street in Disney World, even as a grown up there is something so exciting about this view of the castle.

A family pic in front of Walt Disney

Aunt Laura with us in front of the castle.

Trying on some Mickey Mouse ears.
Aunt Laura even tried on a pair.
Heading to Toon Town.
Addie and Ben having some tea in Minnie's house.
GeeGee and Ben taking a break.
Addie hanging out in Mickey's pumpkin patch.
We only had to wait for 15 minutes and we got to meet 3 princesses! We were so excited.
Addie was so excited she barely spoke and could hardly smile.
I don't know if it was becasue she hadn't seen the movie, but Belle was the most intimidating princess for Addie to meet.
Addie and Princess Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty. All of the Princesses were so sweet with Addie, it was a great experience.
My sister, Laura, she was a princess fanatic just like Addie when she was a little girl.
After meeting the princesses we all stopped for a snack. Addie wanted a cupcake with pink frosting. She really enjoyed the frosting.
Then it was time for a costume change, she walkeda round waving at people like she really was a princess.
Waiting in line for the Buzz Lightyear ride.
Ben hanging out on the ride with Daddy.

In lock up with Zurg, he is the bad guy from Toy Story.
When we came out of the Buzz Lightyear ride there he was waiting to take pictures with us. Both kids love Toy Story and they were excited to meet Buzz.
Quite the family picture.
Having a little snack, this is an uncrustable, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that you can take with you. Ben usually does pretty well with these, but he was tired and we were walking around and he ended up destroying the sandwich.

I kept checking on Ben to make sure he hadn't fallen asleep while he was eating.

Addie watching one of the shows, she was mesmerized by all of the characters on stage.

Ben finishing off his sandwich. My dad, GeeGee, was such a good sport about the whole thing.

Everyone was in a good mood after we ate some lunch.

Ben wore himself out and ended up taking a little snooze.

Our next trip was on the river boat, Addie did not like the whistle, but she enjoyed the ride.

Watching the water.

Addie has been wanting an umbrella and here you could get a personalized umbrella with your name on it, the only problem was you had to leave the umbrella open to dry. We were on our way out of the park so we couldn't just leave it and come back. You will notice the umbrella in several of the upcoming photos, one of the characters on Main St even called me Mary Poppins because I was walking around under an open umbrella on a beautiful sunny day.

An uprompted moment of sibling love. This is one of my favorite pictures.

Addie and Ben waiting for the ferry to come back.

Nannie hanging onto the ears and the umbrella.

Aunt Laura's turn to carry the umbrella and the ears.

Ben waving bye-bye to Disney world.

Two tired, happy girls.

Addie is a budding photographer, she loves to take pictures even though she can barely hold up our big heavy camera, in this picture I am about 29 weeks with Baby Scout.

Nannie, Aunt Laura, the kiddos and I all went back to the condo and took a rest. GeeGee and Daddy took the afternoon to hit all of the big rides that they love. We all met back up at the Rainforest Cafe. I thought the kids would love the Rainforest Cafe, but I was wrong. Our table was directly under the gorillas who would periodically start moving and making noise. The elephants across the room would start up shortly after that with trumpeting and moving. Then the whole restaurant would get dark and it sounded like a thunderstorm. It was a lot to take in. This is how Ben felt about everything.

Addie did not love all of the noise.

I don't think she sat in her chair at all. The little food she ate was fed to her while she kept her hands over her ears.

Here you can see the gorillas.

Here are the elephants.

Ben seemed happiest just like this. We knew he had been working on his molars when we left for this trip. I realized a couple of days later that all four of his canine teeth are on their way in. I think that contributed to how miserable Ben seemed to be everytime we went out to eat.

Ben finally decided to eat something, he only ate about 3 bites and then he was done.

Working on their own Mr. Potato Heads.

Showing off their creations.

Ben getting another picture with Buzz.

One more picture with Cinderella. I think Addie liked the plastic version better, she seemed less intimidated.

Overall it was a crazy busy day, but we all had so much fun. Thanks to everyone that helped to make this day possible and more fun.


  1. What a fun trip!! Such great pics of the kids soaking it all in! I love the one of them holding hands waiting for the ferry! So sweet! I'm still voting boy, Amy :) Hope you're feeling great!!

  2. How fun!!! You did a fantastic job capturing the whole thing :) :) I bet Addie (and Ben too!) has been talking about it ever since :) Thank you for sharing!