Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Playdate!!!

One of my favorite playdates every year is our Easter Egg hunt playdate. This year Jodi hosted and it was great, she has the perfect backyard for it.
Trying to get the kids to eat some lunch before they got all the candy in the Easter Egg hunt.

Nana spent most of the time cuddling with Garrett, they both had a great time.

Thank you to Nannie for the great 1st Easter outfit for Garrett.

The craft was great too, Boo Boo Bunnies. They are bunnies made out of a washcloth so when you get a boo boo you can put a piece of ice in it and it makes everything better. The kids loved them.

The egg hunt began and Addie took off. I told her to look for pink eggs so she would have to look harder and the littler kids would have a chance. Ben took a little bit more direction to get going.

Addie was doing great finding lots of eggs.

I helped to hide the eggs and I thought it would be funny to hide one up high and see if any of the kids would see it. I was so proud it was my little girl that spotted it.

Addie checking out her take.

After the kids found all the eggs they started digging into the candy. Ben kept taking candy to Nana and saying "Open". Nana was a pro juggling Garrett and opening candy for Ben. I finally had to cut him off though.

Garrett getting some love from Nana.

All of the kids with their goodies.

Trying again to get a picture of Addie and Ben.

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