Thursday, April 21, 2011


Last night we had friends over for dinner and by the end of the night Bennett was chasing all of the girls around the house with a plastic frying pan trying to hit them. Our poor guests were running away from him as fast as they could. We couldn't figure out why he was attacking people with cookware. Finally Holly realized he was acting out the new movie Tangled. Rapunzel uses a frying pan in the movie as her weapon. I didn't get a picture last night, but this morning Addie decided to dress up like Rapunzel. Thank you to Nannie for the purple dress that Addie is willing to use as a Rapunzel dress and the crown. The little red thing is Pascal from the Disney Store. And of course the frying pan.
And this is what happens when you have a big sister and are too little to defend yourself.

We are having a nice relaxing morning at home trying to get things picked up. That never works as well as I think it will because the kids keep coming behind me making more messes. We are still having fun though.

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