Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Easter Fun - Decorating Eggs

This year I decided to dye eggs with the kids for the first time. I had gotten a couple of egg dyeing kits at the after Easter sales next year one princess kit and one Elmo kit so both Addie and Ben were very excited.

But for some reason Ben was really upset while I was dyeing the eggs.
A quick photo op of Garrett and Addie.
Addie and I had on matching bracelets that didn't quite make it into the picture. Addie is very into matching with people lately, it is so sweet.

When we gave Ben his egg to decorate this is what he did with it. We finally realized why he was freaking out during the dyeing process, he wanted what was inside the egg. He thought their was chocolate inside these eggs too. He is such a funny little man.
Jon kept trying to put stickers on Ben's egg and he would get mad and take them off.
Garrett and Nana were watching the craziness.
We finally peeled the egg and let Ben eat it. The funny thing was he loved it.
Here is Addie's egg.
And Ben's egg.
And here is Ben when I took his egg away to take a picture of it.
Addie was very proud of her work.
Daddy thought it was beautiful.
By the time it was all over with all of the eggs had been at least nibbled on.

This is what the end of our egg decorating experience looked like. It was so much fun to be able to do this with the kids this year. I am looking forward to doing more of these crafts in the coming years.

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