Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful day. This morning we all got up early to get ready for church. The Easter Bunny had left us all some treats.
Ben had fun opening his basket of goodies.

Addie was not shy about digging into hers either.
A fun highlight of the morning was Skyping with Nannie and Aunt Laura. They got to see the kiddos dig into their baskets and hear the chaos that is our family right now.
Addie carried her basket around with her all morning. She has learned that nothing is safe from Bennett.
We had to wake Garrett up to get him ready for church. He had time to pose with one of our bunnies.
Trying to get pictures before church.
I love my two little men.
A picture with Mommy.
Then it was time for the off centered picture that we used the self timer to take.
Addie got into my stash of picture M&Ms. This is the bad of candy I pull out when we need the kids to sit for pictures. I like that it has white ones because they don't stain Ben's clothes or hands.
After church we decided to get a few more shots. I love Ben in his little man outfit. He did really well with the tie and everything.
Addie looked so sweet in her little dress. I bought this last year and it was my inspiration for the rest of the family's outfits.
Trying to get Ben to stand still for a picture is not easy.
A family picture,
And a picture of just Jon and I!
Thanks to our awesome neighbor, Mr. Barry.
After church we got all changed and headed up to Magnolia to have lunch with our friend Cody's family. His whole family lives here in Houston and they were all getting together today and they were gracious enough to invite us to tag along. The food was amazing, the company was delightful, the volleyball game was spirited, and the Easter Egg hunt was entertaining. The kids did great, and I think everyone there enjoyed being around a younger crowd (our kids were the only ones under the age of 8). I volunteered to drive home because Jon has had a busy weekend and this is what our van looked like on the way home. I took this at a stop light near our house.
No one was in a very good mood after a too short nap. Addie was giving me plenty of attitude, and she did not like it being captured on film.
Bennett did not make it past his night-night. He came through the door, saw his blanket and laid down.
We will have an early night tonight, but it was all so worth it to spend the day with friends celebrating our Risen Lord.

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