Saturday, February 16, 2013

Keeping busy

Sorry it has been so quiet around here.  We have busy living life, including battling another stomach bug.  I hate to admit it, but all of these pictures are from my phone.  I will get my camera back out and start taking pictures again soon.
Last weekend we took a trip across town as a family.  Jon needed a hair cut and I found a reasonably priced place in Grünerløkka.  There are quite a few fun places to shop there so we made a morning of it.  The boys were mesmerized by Jon getting his hair cut.  The children were so well behaved.
Our morning walk to the bus stop is always fun.  It is a challenge to get everyone dressed and out the door to make the almost 10 minute walk to the bus stop.  Addie loves riding the bus so it is worth it.  
 Another challenging day for us are Mondays when Addie has ballet.  After I pick up the boys I don't have time to take them home for a nap so we have started napping in the car.
The boys look so sweet and peaceful when they sleep.
 The other day before school Ben asked me to put his Venetian mask on him and then he asked if I could take their picture.  I love it!
 Happy Valentine's Day, at the bus stop again.

Friday was crazy hair day at school, Addie let me put all of these fun pony tails in her hair.  When I started taking pictures Garrett didn't want to be left out.  

 Yet another bus stop picture.  These kiddos love playing in the snow.
 At play group this week Garrett looked out the window and saw a construction site.  He is such a little boy, he would not leave the window.  It was like he was watching a tv show.  I love that he was so transfixed by all the trucks.

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