Friday, February 22, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane

When we left Oslo last week there was a beautiful, gentle snow falling.  Thankfully it wasn't too cold so we didn't need to take all of our gear with us.  
 The kids had fun playing in the snow while we waited for the first train.
 This sweet boy was so excited for our trip.
 I love these three kiddos so much!  They were very good on the 2 trains it took to get us to the airport.
 Once at the airport we did our usual Starbucks and airplane time.  This is the only Starbucks in all of Oslo and there is something very comforting and familiar getting to have a drink from there.  While Jon and I drink our coffee the kids have just enough time to play on this airplane.
 This plane is one of the children's favorite places to play.
 I love that they have embraced this routine for traveling and are so good about all of the steps it takes to be able to go anywhere here.
When we got to our gate we saw the snow plows at work.  They had a whole fleet of giant snow plows out on the runways moving a lot of snow.  It was a really neat process to watch.  Another process we got to watch from the inside of the plane was the de icing.  I am not a huge fan of flying these days, and de-icing makes me so much more nervous.

This was the view from the window when we were in the air.  You can just barely see the wing because of all the fog and clouds.  

Even with all of the clouds and snow we had a great flight.  I love that a flight from Oslo to Paris is just over 2 hours!  We were in Paris by lunch time.  I have a lot more pictures and stories for you from our 4 day trip, trips with children always include more stories.  

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