Sunday, February 3, 2013

Not So Thin Ice

This Sunday morning we got everyone dressed warm and headed to Sandvika to go walking on the ice.  We drive by this spot often and we have seen people out on the ice walking, skiing and having fun.  Jon found out at work that you are allowed to go out there so we decided to try it out.  
This is how I have managed to get the kids in and out of the car.  The cars are parked so close together here that I use my mitten to keep the door from hitting the other car, that way I can get the kiddos in and out of their seats.

 We were able to park right next to the water.
 We got the sleds out of the car and headed out to the ice.  The kids were really excited about walking on the ice, but they were expecting something a little more exciting.
 There were a couple of paths across the ice so we got on one and started walking.
 Garrett was having fun on his sled, he kept trying to steer and made it a challenge to pull him along.
 Ben got mad when he got knocked off the sled and Addie wanted to drive their sled.
 These kids are so funny.
 Jon, Addie and Ben, that is the sun behind them.
 We were way out in the middle of the bay.
 That is Sandvika behind us.
These pine trees are how you know it is safe to walk out on the ice.  As long as you stay in the safe area you can walk on the ice.  They are very serious about keeping people safe.  Jon heard about people being warned by helicopter when they are thin ice, 2 people did fall through the ice this week.
 Here are some pictures of some of the other people that were out on the ice.  I thought this was a really neat sled.  The woman was pushing the sled with her foot.  I would use one of these.
 This family was out cross country skiing.
 There was even a family with a tiny baby in a stroller.
These two ladies looked like they were dressed for a nice Sunday stroll.

Garrett was not a fan of having to walk.

Just off the ice there was a big snow pile.  All of the kids had fun climbing.

 All four of them made it to the top!

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