Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Day at Disney

The next stop on our trip was with Jon's family in Orlando.  The boys were very excited to see Poppa.
We were very happy to get to see Great Grandma Annell.

Great Grandma Annell and the Hilton Kiddos

Headed to Disney!

Addie and I on our favorite ride, the Little Mermaid Under the Sea Adventure.

The kids were so excited to be at Disney.  You can just see Rapunzel's tower behind them.

The longest line we waited in was for Story time with Belle.  The rest of the day we used FastPasses and it was awesome.

Inside Belle's house they had her height chart.

Ben got to be a part of the story, he played Phillippe, and he did a great job.

Ben got to have his picture taken with Belle.

Addie wasn't brave enough to be a part of the story, but she did go get her picture taken with Belle.

Garrett did not budge from his seat.  He watched intently, but he didn't want anything to do with Belle.

After Belle's Story time Addie and I went to our lunch with the princesses while Daddy, Grandma, Poppa and the boys went to Tomorrowland.  My pretty princess with Cinderella's castle in the background.

Addie was so excited for this lunch.  We got our picture taken with Cinderella downstairs and then we got to be seated upstairs and have a yummy lunch.  I thought the food was very good, but then it was already 1 PM and I was a very hungry pregnant lady.  I ate every bite of every plate they put in front of me.  I booked this lunch in January, 6 months ago when we started planning this trip.  It was worth planning ahead and worth the cost.

After we ate  the princesses started coming in.  It was wonderful to have them come right to our table, sign an autograph and pose for a picture.

Addie was so excited through the whole process.

The princesses were all so sweet.

This trip Jasmine was Addie's favorite.

After lunch we met back up with the boys and went on the Buzz Lightyear ride.  The pictures they take of you when you are on the ride ended up being my favorite part.

The kids were in jail with Zurg.

It was about this time that everyone started getting tired.

Even Addie needed a break, so we headed to the Carousel of Progress.  I was hoping Garret would fall asleep, but no such luck. 

Headed to the Jungle Cruise.

A family picture, better late than never.

We decided to go on the Ariel ride one more time.  It was by far my favorite ride, it was like being in the movie.  

Our last stop was the confectionary on Main Street.  Jon had always wanted one of the Mickey rice krispie treats.  

After 11 hours at the park, and no naps for either of the boys, we were all ready to leave.  It was a great day with lots of memories made.  

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