Monday, July 15, 2013

Panama City Fun

Our week in Panama City was not exactly what we had expected, the weather, but we still had a great time.
Nannie got lots of cuddle time with all three of these cuties for a couple of nights.

Even when it was raining the kids still used the pool as much as possible.  If there was no lightning or thunder they were in the water.

Part of the reason the pool was so fun, Aunt Oolah (Laura) and her boyfriend, Tommy.

These two goofballs were a lot of fun to play with in the pool.

Ben enjoying a few marshmallows.

Jon getting ready for an intense game of volley ball in the pool.  The socks are so his feet didn't get torn up on the bottom of the pool, I think it is a good look for him.

I got a few action shots from the game.

One of my parents' neighbors, Mr. Jim.

A picture of me!  Getting a little cuddle time with Gare Bear.

Nannie getting ready to hit the ball.

Laura was making fun of Mom's game.

Garrett's turn to get into the marshmallow bag.

Garrett helping Nannie make WAFFLES!  He loves to help and he loves waffles.

Addie and her buddy Pinot, she is the sweetest little dog.

Fudgecicles after dinner.

A little Pinterest for me and a little treat too.

Nannie was having fun with all of us there.

Another of Garrett's favorite things, watermelon.

He is such a sweet boy, he was willing to share.

We did have a pretty night so we went out to Pier Park at Panama City Beach for an after dinner treat.  They have several amazing ice cream options.  Then it was time for a stroll on the Pier.

I love how Garrett is looking up at the pelican on top of the lamp post.

Tommy and Aunt Laura

Love these kiddos.

A family picture, not so easy to get these days.

Nannie and GeeGee

Little Garrett checking out the sunset.

Addie got spoiled and was carried more than usual, she is our big girl now and very rarely gets this kind of treatment.  She loves her Aunt Laura so much!

These two are so alike, and they are such great guys.

We were so excited about celebrating the 4th of July in the USA.  My parents' have the best small town celebration where they live with a parade and fireworks all within a couple of blocks.  Addie was planning on having a lemonade stand and everything.  Mother Nature had other plans for us though as a reported 12"+ fell that day.  Many parts of the city were flooding and all of the festivities were postponed.  I did take the kids out to play in the giant puddles that were the street in front of the house and then we were able to get a family photo to remember the day.  The kids were all soaked and Ben was not very happy about being wet.  We did get to spend the day with some great friends and family.  

And all too soon our time in Florida was over.  The next morning we got up and headed to breakfast at one of our favorite places, Another Broken Egg.  There food is AMAZING.  Going out for a big breakfast is one of the things I really miss here in Norway.  We enjoyed our food and then I ran a couple of last minute errands and then it was time to hit the road again. 

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  1. ive been to another broken egg!!! ahhhh sooo good! looks like yall had a fun time :) im desperate for some family time right now... cant wait to get back to the states in sept! :) good luck with your upcoming travels and MOVE!