Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Back to America

Way back in January we started planning our summer trip back to the US.  At the time we thought we were going to be living in Norway for some time yet and we didn't know that we would be adding another member to our family this year. Adding the stress of being in the middle of an international move and 23 weeks pregnant and there were definitely some added challenges.  
I put a lot of planning into this trip and it was all worth it.
We flew into Atlanta because of the flight schedules and prices, the best part of going through Atlanta was getting to see some long time friends of ours.  My Mom flew home from Norway with us and my Dad and my sister drove up to see us and get her.  Our friends Frank, Cariann and Aidan drove into town to see us too.  Was it a little adventurous to plan on hit the ground running after a trans atlantic flight? Yes, but totally worth it.
We met our friends at Zoo Atlanta, we love visiting zoos and great friends made it even better.
The heat was a little bit of an adjustment for us.
Aidan fit right in with our boys.

That night we all headed to an Atlanta Braves baseball game.

The whole crew at the game.  The Braves put on a great show and won the game!  Addison is now a committed Atlanta Braves fan and asked almost everyone we met along the way who their favorite team was.

The next day we visited the Georgia Aquarium.  This is the only place in the US that has whale sharks. This tank holds 4 whale sharks and plenty of other creatures to watch.  We wanted to see the whale shark feeding so we watched the tank for about 20 minutes.  It was fascinating and it even held the attention of the kids.
I love this picture of the kids.

Here is our crew watching the whale shark.

My sister, my mom and I.

This penguin exhibit was really neat.

The boys were checking out all of the fish.

Cariann and I have been friends for a long time.  The last time we saw each other Ben was just a week old and we were getting ready to leave Colorado.  It was great to see our friends again!

There are many more pictures and adventures to come.

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  1. Wow, whale sharks! How big is that aquarium!