Friday, July 26, 2013

The Best Last Day

Thursday was our last full day in Oslo.  We had already moved from our house to a hotel.  The house was all packed up, the movers just had to load the truck.  Our hotel was right down town so we took advantage of our location, a free morning and a beautiful Oslo day to check out the Opera House.  It is one of those places we had never been to before, but had always meant to see.  It was only a 10 minute walk and then we were enjoying this Oslo icon.
Ben did not like the bright sun, but I love that you can see the Holmenkollen ski jump and the Cathedral behind Ben's right shoulder.

I love it when they are sweet.

My loves.

There is our hotel in the background.  I highly recommend the Radisson Blu near Oslo S.  

A happy family picture.

Trying to see if we could spot our church.

After a wonderful morning at the Opera House we headed to the home of some friends.  They fixed an amazing brunch for us.  Look at this spread, and almost everything was homemade.  The egg cups were amazing and I had three bowls of the homemade granola.

The kids got to play with a guitar.

Carolina and Addie had fun working on a few craft projects.

Ben spent a little time playing on Daddy's phone.

Addie came out of the room looking like a beautiful bride.

Ben came out as Iron Man.

Of course Garrett wanted to be Iron Man too.

Then they started fighting.

Now Addie is a spy.

The mask was the final touch.

Carolina and I showing off our bellies, she is due any day now and I still have another 3 months!  It will be so much fun to introduce these two little guys one day.

To finish off our fantastic day we met up with some great friends for a last meal at TGIFridays.  Jon and baby Lara, or Lala, as Garrett calls her.

After dinner we took a stroll down Karl Johans Gate for some ice cream.  Garrett wanted to hold Stefan's hand.

The boys chatting it up.

Ben lost his first balloon and Stefan got him a new one.  Ben was so happy to have his balloon replaced.

Such great friends to spend our last evening with.  

If you have ever moved you know that the last day(s) can be so busy and bittersweet that getting to see friends isn't always possible.  We felt so blessed to get to enjoy our city and say good bye to our friends all in one day.  We were not in Norway for very long, but I can't imagine our story as a family without this chapter in it.  

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