Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 on 10 September

I am so happy that I remembered to do this today!  I started around 9:30 when Garrett and I were getting ready to go meet up with friends.  Garrett loves to help open the gate, especially when it is just us. 

10:30 While we were out with friends they showed us a very cool pet store.  This fish pond was just part of the fun, the puppies and kittens were pretty cute too.

 12: 00 We got to go to lunch with Luke.  We know Luke from church and my kids all adore him.  He is such a sweet boy and Garrett had so much fun getting to have lunch with him today.  

 2:00  Then it was time for the drive home, guess who fell asleep?

2:30  Then we got home today and this is what our street looked like.  We don't have a dedicated parking spot so this is a problem.  I had to drive around the block twice and then parked around the corner and carried a sleepy Garrett back to the house.

3:40  Not too much later it was time to head to the bus stop.  This is about half way up our walk.  10 minutes of uphill walking every day is quite the work out for this very pregnant momma.

4:00  Hooray, we got Addie and Ben from the bus stop and headed home.  I have to remind myself that the walk uphill is worth it because it affords us this view of the Eiffel Tower.  

5:00  Back at home it was play time, here is my Power Ranger.

6:00  Ben was showing off his star that he got at school for being a good listener.

6:30  We are still working with out a dining room table.  This set up works for now and one of these days I know my patience is going to be rewarded with a really good deal on a cool table.

7:00  Daddy had to work late tonight, and by the time he got home we were all really happy to see him.

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