Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Days

My sweet girl started 1st grade last week.  Addison loves school and she is so excited about starting at her new school, especially since she gets to start on the first day unlike last year.  Her brothers helped us take her and drop her off at school.

I love this sweetie.

Daddy got to come too to help us drop her off.  Everyone was a little sad to leave her behind, but she was so excited it made it easier.

The next day Ben had his first day of school.  He looks so little with this giant backpack on.

I can't believe how big he has gotten.

This little man was super excited about getting to go to school.  

Once we were at the door he got a little apprehensive, but the second he walked through he ran to the playground and didn't look back.  He is having so much fun at school and he comes home with a great big smile on his face singing all the new songs he is learning.  

This picture makes me realize how giant my belly has gotten too!  In the photo I am 32 weeks with baby Malachi.  

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