Sunday, September 15, 2013

Apple Picking

When we moved into our house the fig tree was bursting with ripe figs and the blackberry bushes were full of juicy berries.  We tried the figs, but never really found a way we liked to eat them.  The blackberries lasted about 2 days before they were picked clean.  Our last fruit of the season was our little apple tree.  We have been fighting with the kids to keep the apples on the tree until they were ready to be picked.  We have tried a few that 'fell' off the tree over the last month and we finally decided it was time.  We had to wait until everyone was home and awake.  This Sunday, after nap time and before a trip to the park, all the kiddos were anxious at there turn to climb the ladder and pick some apples.  Of course I was on hand with my camera to capture this moment.  Daddy was busy holding the ladder and keeping everyone safe.

Here is our harvest, ready to go!

This little guy just cracks me up sometimes.  Ben was really excited, but you can't always tell in pictures.

Addie took the first turn, she was ready.

Ben was up next, he was a little more timid.

Garrett was completely freaked out by the ladder.  

He finally steadied enough to reach for a few apples.

Addie got back up for another turn when Garrett had had enough.

They made quite the team.

Bennett was counting our haul.  He has been learning so much at school and it is so fun to see him using his new skills.

They were so happy to finally get to pick these apples.

I haven't been able to do much fall decorating around the house, but it definitely feels like fall now with our apple harvest.

Now I am ready to start doing some cooking.  I did make one recipe tonight from pinterest.  So yummy!

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