Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When We Get Where We're Going

From Giverny we got in the car and drove the rest of the way to our destination, near Mont Saint Michel.

Addie and Ben were all the way in the back and Garrett had fun sitting next to Nannie.

And then he had fun with the iPad.

I found our rental house on Airbnb again.  The person we were renting from spoke English and was great about communicating, but the caretakers of the house, his parents/grand parents, did not speak any English.  We got to the village and thankfully made our way to the house.  
This gorgeous daisy bush greeted us in the driveway.

I didn't used to notice flowers, but here they are hard to miss.

The yard of the house was not that big, but it had a lot going on.

There were so many sweet little places to sit and enjoy.

Of course the pool was a huge draw for the kids.  The pool did have a locked gate, but that didn't slow down our kiddos.  Thankfully there was also a surface alarm, and the weather wasn't that great so no one was too eager to jump in.

The whole world is a stage for my sweet girl.

I wish we had better weather so we could have used this table outside.

And more pictures of Garrett exploring the rental house.  We believe the house was originally a barn, but it had been converted and was great for our needs.  There was an English speaking neighbor who came over and drew us a little map of the area.  He also brought a small box of groceries since we drove in on a holiday and none of the stores were open.  He told us the house was standing during  WW II when the American troops came into the village and liberated the people.  There is still one man who lives in the village that was a boy during the time of liberation.   

This great picture window was in the dining room, we all enjoyed this space.

For our larger family having a good base of operations for a vacation is essential and this house was perfect for us.  I would consider going back to this house again and would highly recommend it to visit this area.

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