Thursday, September 11, 2014

10 on 10 September

I was so happy I remembered to take my 10 on 10 photos.  The idea is to take 10 pictures for 10 consecutive hours during one day.  I love seeing other people's posts, you get a glimpse into what a day looks like for someone else.  
This 10 on 10 was not a glamorous day in the life of an expat in Paris, it was more of a standard stay at home mom day, but it was still good.

9:11  Coffee, such a good thing.

10:23 Malachi is awake from his first morning nap.  He is such a happy little baby.

11:39, I know they are still in their pajamas, it was one of those days.

12:37 Lunch time included one of Garrett's favorites.  Knacki balls are like a hot dog in a ball.

1:48 Doing a little baking, banana muffins!

2:52 Malachi after his post lunch nap.  He loved the banana muffins as much as the big kids.

 4:25 Home from the bus stop with the big kids.  Ben is always happy to see his blanket.

4:42 Second grade means more homework for this girl.  She is smiling for the picture, but I don't get a whole lot of love most days.

5:28 Working on dinner, I know this is a ton of mashed potatoes.  I made enough for dinner and a shepherd's pie to go in the freezer.

7:01 Dinner without Daddy, it is as crazy as it looks.

7:40 The best part of the day, Daddy is home!


  1. Nice to "meet" you from your sweet comments on my blog Amy. What a lucky girl to be living in Paris and a beautiful family! xo...Janet

    1. Thanks Janet, I have enjoyed reading your blog. I love your creations and all of your work on your blog. Glad you enjoyed a peek into our life here in Paris, it is pretty incredible.