Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another Day Another Market, Les Andelys

A few weeks ago we visited Chateau Gaillard in a town called Les Andelys.  While researching that trip I found out they had a Foire a Tout planned for September 13 and 14.  I put it on the calendar and hoped that it would work out to head back out there.  On Saturday morning we woke up at our normal time, too early, and headed out on our 1 and 15 minute drive.  Can you believe we were ready and in the car before 8 am?  Me either.

We had to stop and fill up with diesel and I noticed this building for the first time.  It is a neat old building right next to the gas station.  This is part of the reason that I love France.

A good way to start the day.

Almost there, you can see Chateau Gaillard on the ridge just ahead.

We found parking for 2.50 euros and started walking.  We found the market and got busy.  This was a random sight while walking the streets.

Just a couple of the stalls that I shopped at.  There were not that many people when we got started, there were plenty of great treasures and good prices.

This Hotel is on the main road through town, it looks like a fun place to stay.

After several hours of walking and lots of treasures picked out we settled down for a bite to eat.  The hot dogs were RED, just like back in Maine.

There was a lovely park right in the middle of all the chaos.  We were able to play, rest and eat lunch.  

There are beautiful little parks like this in almost every village we visit.  

Of course there was a statue in the park as well.

On our way back to the car we had another view of the Chateau.  I love this town.

In the parking lot of the school they had made this table out of a tree stump, I knew this was something my mother would appreciate.

And now for the pictures of my treasures.  This is most everything I found that day.  

This basket was a giant pain to carry around, but totally worth it.  The buttons that are filling it were on my shopping list.  I bargained with the guy, in French, and got the price that I wanted!  

These were some of my tiny treasures, the light blue transfer ware espresso cup was my favorite find of the day.  My goal now is to spell out N O E L, I have one down and 3 letters to go.  The medal is from WWI.  You never know what you are going to find here.  

I think my find of the day were these copper pots.  There are 8 in the set, the 3 larger ones have the tinning on the inside, the smallest one is so cute, and about the right size for a measuring cup.

It is interesting to compare the two most recent markets I have been to, Lille's Braderie and The Foire a Tout in Les Andelys.  Lille's event is famous, but I much preferred the smaller, more community focused event.  It is always fun for us to explore as a family, the gorgeous weather didn't hurt either.

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  1. I wish I was in that car with you. You find some wonderful treasures at that market. I would love to have my own set of those copper pots.