Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Picking Apples in Paris

This week I got to go on a field trip  with my son Bennett.  The field trip was to Les Fermes de Gally.  This farm is outside of Paris, not far from Versailles and it is amazing.  

The apple orchards were so beautiful in the hazy morning light.

I did have my little helper here with me.

This is a popular destination for schools, I saw at least 6 buses unload before 10.  The little French children were so cute all bundled up in their jackets and scarves.

I met up with Ben's class in the main farm area.  When did he get so grown up?

The kids got to go through the process of washing, grinding and pressing apples to make apple juice.  

They do a great job with their class, each of the students got to do each job.

My little trooper was so tired, but he hung in there.

I loved the decorations around the teaching area, they have a gorgeous white farmhouse table with nice long benches.  These crates were a great color.   

They had these amazing vintage teaching posters all over the farm.  I am on the look out for similar pieces this weekend at the brocante I am visiting.

The apple juice was ready!  They had enough for everyone to taste,

even Malachi got a taste.

He was a big fan.

Outside we got to meet a few animals.  The kids got to pet a bunny and then they met this 36 year old donkey.  There were pigs and lots of chickens too.

At first I thought this was just an unfortunate chicken that had had a rough encounter.  But later I saw several more with the exact same 'issues'.  This breed of chicken just doesn't have feathers on its neck apparently.  

Next we walked out by a couple of ponies, cows, the sheep and then the goats.  This view was just gorgeous.  I am not sure how long this farm has been here, but I am sure it has been a while.

We got to walk through the pen with the sheep, but there was only one we could touch.  These three were so cozy.

These three had their noses touching.

This was the sheep, Dulce, that we were allowed to pet.  Dulce means sweet in French and this sheep lived up to his name.  

Next was the goat pen.  

This goat cracked me up, every time he 'yelled' he stuck his tongue out.  

The goats were a cuddly bunch.  The baby goats were a big hit with all of the kids.

Malachi wasn't sure what he thought about all the goats at first.  

Then the goats came up to him and started to nibble and he decided he liked them much better from up high.  

From there we went back through the chicken area, I love this green cart.

This guy was quite fancy.

While the kids finished their lunches I headed into the shop they have on site.  This shop is quite amazing.  

I was recommended to try one of these potimarron.  Apparently it has a chestnut like flavor.

I also got a butternut squash.

The displays were beautiful.

I am looking forward to going back for pumpkins soon.

Next it was time to pick some apples.  During the 2 minute ride down the road Malachi was out.  This little guy loves his naps, but he also loves to be on the go.

Here is a board with all of the fruits, vegetables, and flowers that you can pick.  This farm really is quite amazing.  There are wheelbarrows you can use while gathering your produce.  

There are bags and these crates around the property so that you can collect your produce.

The apples were gorgeous and plentiful.

They had several varieties ready to pick.

They had each row labeled with what variety was growing there and a small description.

Ben was so tired by the end of the day, but it was so worth it.  Now I am getting ready to do some more baking with all my apples.   

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