Saturday, October 25, 2014

Chateau Villandry, in the house

After we visited Chinon we were trying to decide where to go next.  We took out a map and started to look through the surrounding areas.  We were already an hour from our house so we wanted to do something out that way.  We ended up deciding on Chateau Villandry.

This was the view from the sidewalk.

The line to get in took about 20 minutes.  Then we made our way to the courtyard.

We had to wait for a couple of the kids to go to the bathroom, Ben was getting impatient to get into the house.

We were waiting to get into the house, but here is a sneak peak of what was to come in the gardens.

The moat around the house.

In the dining room they had a table fully set, 

and nothing but this sign to keep people from touching it.  

The ceiling in the dining room.

I love seeing how much they decorated with plates, I have collected so many I think I need to start doing this.

In the kitchen I loved all of the furniture.

One of my latest obsessions is copper.  I love all of these amazing copper collections in the old houses.

From the kitchen we went upstairs.

I love the black and white floors, so did Bennett.

The library was impressive, as they usually are.

This is the beautiful view from the library.

This sweet girl looked amazing in the sun.

The next few pictures are disturbing, but they are supposed to be.

Garrett needed to take a look at his map, so he sat down.

In one of the children's room they had fabric on the wall with ribbon trim.  I love texture it created.

The gardens were so extensive that they are going to be addressed in a separate post.

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