Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Welcome Fall to Paris

Bonjour, the temperatures are finally cooling down here in Paris and fall is here.   

This is our dining area with places all set for a fall table.

I found these plates while on the brocante tour a couple of weeks ago.  When I first saw the stack of plates there was a rabbit on the top plate.  My mind immediately went to Easter, but as I looked through the rest of the plates I saw much more fall inspiration, there is a stag, a boar, a pheasant, and the rabbit.

The vintage French canning jar is filled with pinecones and chestnuts that the kids have collected for me.

The orange books have a deer and a shotgun on the side, those were a recent find from the Foire de Chatou.  

I love the scale of my toy horse on top of my black hutch from Norway.

And just around the corner is the our fall mantle.

I hope you are having a beautiful fall.  

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