Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Grand Aquarium de Touraine

When most people visit the Loire Valley they think of visiting chateaux, drinking wine, and taking in the beautiful views.  Our children saw the sign for the aquarium when we arrived and we knew we would be visiting the aquarium at some point during our trip.  The house we stayed at was just around the corner from the Aquarium, so every time we came home the kids saw the signs.  It was nice that it was so convenient.

While the aquarium was not my first choice of activities, it was an interesting spot to spend the morning.  I loved the displays that they used for the fish tanks.

The fishing net and boots in this one were cute.

The old water wheel.

This is a display piece in a learning room, I loved the piece of enamelware in the old wooden shelf.

The bike frame and stop sign in here were fun.

The fish seemed to like the barrel too.

This star fish was such a pretty color.

Ben wanted a picture with Nemo.

This hermit crab is one of the biggest I have ever seen.

This Japanese crab was pretty creepy looking too.

This pretend submarine was a lot of fun.  The kids had so much fun pushing as many buttons as they could reach.

A submerged plane!

Malachi had so much fun exploring like the big kids.

This was the final room at the aquarium, the kids all had so much fun playing here.  

Like I said, I wouldn't have chosen this as an activity, but it ended up being a really nice way to spend the morning.  

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