Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Adventure Begins

I can't believe that it has been two weeks since I last posted. My parents offered at the last minute my parents offered to fly us all out for Easter. This was the first time Ben had been on a plane and the first time we had flown as a family of four.

The kids liked the shuttle to the terminal.

We got checked in early so then we had some time to kill before our flight left.

The kids were so cute wrestling.

Jon was great and had both kids with him on the second flight. I was in the row right in front of him in case he needed some help. I got to sit by myself for most of the flight and I even got to do the crossword puzzle. It was awesome. Both kids did great flying.

We got in pretty late and we had over an hour drive back to my parent's house. Addie and Nana were in the back seat and both of them took a nap on the way home.

The kids were in love with my parent's pool. If the door was open both kids were outside in a flash. Addie even figured out how to unlock the dead bolt, that was special.

The next morning we hit the ground running with an Easter Egg Hunt. The kids are still getting the hang of finding eggs. Addie was happy once she had two.

I love the boys in their matching shirts. They both looked so handsome.

Nana took Addie to get her face painted.

Our happy little boy. He loves to clap his hands.

Addie getting to visit with her friends Daniel and Lucy.

Ben meeting Lucy and bonding over empty Easter eggs.

One clean baby and one happy Nannie.

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  1. OH so great!!! Such happy kids as usual! Glad the flights went well--how nice to get to sit alone!!! :)