Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Addison!

This Saturday we celebrated Addie's 3rd birthday. We had a princess bouncy house, yummy food, cupcakes, crowns, and presents. I want to thank everyone that helped us celebrate our wonderful little girl, it was a great day!

This is the same banner we used for Addie's first birthday.

The present table and Addie's little throne.

Crown decorating table.

A beautiful wreath that our friend let us borrow. We got so many compliments on it, Thank you Jodi!

The food table.

The yummy fruit tray, I think this was my favorite part.

Addie's cupcakes.

Addie and her 'frenemy' Sarabeth. They are very close in age, both oldest children, and so competitive with each other. They are so much fun to watch together.

Sarabeth and her sweet mommy, April.

Nathan having a great time pulling the wagon. Who knew the wagons we have would be such a hit.

Lindsay keeping an eye on things in the bouncy house. The kids loved bouncing and had so much fun.

Another big hit was the water table. David had a little bit too much fun with it and ended up soaking wet.

Mommas keeping an eye on things outside.

Addie, Sarabeth and Jackson bouncing around. Addie had so much fun with the bouncy house. We were able to pick it up Friday afternoon and we return it on Monday so Addie has gotten several days of bouncing in. Jon, Ben, Addie and I were out there at 8:30 Saturday morning having a great time, it was so much fun.

Addie on her throne ready to open some presents.

Addie got some help opening some of her presents. She had a lot of fun opening all of her gifts and showing them aournd.

Ben had so much fun having a house full of people. Here is our little ham smiling for the camera.

Addie posing for the camera.

Mommy helping her open up presents.

A picture of Addie and me! She is getting so grown up.

Adalee and Jack, Ben's friends. We have a hard time getting pictures of the three of them because Ben crawls away too quickly.

Addie giving her Daddy a big hug and a kiss. She was so excited to blow out her candles and have people sing "Happy Birthday to Me".

Getting ready to blow out the candles.

Getting some help with her candles.

Miss Ashley helping Ben try a little bit of unfrosted cupcake. We are withholding the real thing until his first birthday in a couple of weeks. He did seem to enjoy the cupcake he did get though.

Ashley and her little princess Grace. They made some snazzy crowns for themselves.

Krystal and her princess Adalee.

Addie getting one last birthday hug from her friend Nick.

Addie had so much fun, but she was pretty worn out when it was all over. We had to wake her up after a 3 hour nap.

Thank you to everyone that helped us make our little girl's day so special.


  1. It looks like a blast Amy! Wish we could have been there too:)

  2. Happy Birthday, Addison! I can't believe it's been 3 years! I still remember you being pregnant with her, Amy! Looks like a wonderful time-love the make your own princess crown!

  3. OH My gosh--THREE?!!! It was just yesterday that we went to visit you in the hospital at Ft Carson when she was born!!! Happy belated birthday Addie!