Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Sunday

I know there are going to be a ridiculous number of pictures from our trip. I took over 700 in 10 days. I know I have a problem.
Here are more . . .

Addie and Ben got a little guitar from the Easter Bunny.

Ben got a ball and he was soooo happy about it.

Bennett loving on his Aunt Laura.

All dressed up for church.

Nannie and Ben all ready for pictures after church.

A family photo

My sister, Laura, and Nana + our family

I love this picture, they are so precious.

Our Nana.

Getting some pool time. It was not really warm enough to be in the pool, but they had a great time.

Addie and Aunt Laura watching the Princess and the Frog.

The wisteria was in full bloom and it was gorgeous. I love how it grows wild in very random places. My parents have a ton that grows right next to their house. We would go for walks at night and the smell was so strong it was beautiful.

My mom has been collecting bunnies since I was a kid. One of the bunnies in the tub was a gift to me when I was 2 years old. Addie had a great time snuggling with all the bunnies.

We all had a wonderful Easter Sunday. It is always nice to be with family on such a special day.

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  1. OH My Gosh. Can your family pics get any more cute?!! Seriously!!! LOVE the family one and the one of addie and ben's backs. a total framer!!! Glad it was a happy happy easter!!!